Saturday, May 03, 2008

Wright's National Press Club's Words You Did Not Hear

Everyone has heard clips from the Question and Answer segment of Rev. Dr. Wright's National Press Club remarks. However, there was no looping of the most important remarks which were made during his opening statement to those assembled who's interest is Faith, Social Justice and Public Service.

The Clintonites bushwhacked Wright into the wrong type of exposer. The person who organized and encouraged Wright to take the high risk step of opening himself to questions from the press was a Clinton supporter. Knowing that the Press was on a "Wright Watch" just waiting to spin facts into fiction as "elderfogy" puts it, there should have been no open secession. This person gave him bad advise and I think his ego (Animal Spirit) clouded his normally good judgment. A minster is not a politician and should stay out of political situations were his presentation can be spun into a weapon to be used against Obama at this critical political time.

You will note that the press did not write about the religious Cultural Literacy information that the American people could benefit from like the Black Codes and the reason for the Black Church, or the fact that the Black church is in some instances older then the United States of America. In fact, the "Press" has completely blacked out the fact that he was there to speak about Faith, Social Justice, Public Service and making the Black Church more visible.

Cultural Literacy Minute: Look for what the Corprate Media left out if you are interested in finding the information that is of most value to you and your family.

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