Sunday, May 11, 2008

Should Blacks Accuse Hillary of Playing the White "Race Card"


It is clear that Hillary's comments are not Culturally Healthy. However, I think the phrase "Race" Card as it has been constructed to prevent or dismiss Black's who talk about ethnic realities is DoubleSpeak. The same Cultural Literacy rules apply to this new 'White "Race" Card' phrase. America's birth defect is a serious matter not a card game.

Having said that, Hillary implying that dumb White ("uneducated") Democrats are extreme anti-humanists that will only vote for other European Americans is a tactical error and harmful to the presumptive candidate and the Democratic Party.

Lets not play "Race" games, lets use Cultural Health language to accurately describe ethnic realities in America. Extreme anti-humanists did not help change American during the civil War or the 1960's. Now, like then, Humanists must change the nation despite them.

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