Monday, August 11, 2008

Who is Barack Obama, really? An astrological profile is my own basic analysis of who Barack Obama really is based on his stars…

A remarkable personality analysis of Obama by a modern astrologer utilizing High tech and the ancient tools. It will be interesting to follow the response to this story. Obama born 8/4/1961 A leo the Lion, with wisdom and power rising.

Cultural Literacy Minute:
The earliest known Horoscope in recorded history comes out of Classical African Civilization, Kamet (Ancient Egypt) c. 2767 by Imhotep (The Greeks called him Aesculapius). You can still read the African star charts that go back to 4200 B.C.E.

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In African Asto-Psychology the basic personality earth, air, fire and/or water and related details of a personality are denoted by the Natal chart (Nature). The Current state of a persons personality is determined by nurture, what happened to you after you were born. So, with this chart in hand, Obama's two books and watching him on TV you can come to know more about Obama than you can about most public personalities, who would wish to lead this nation. Do your homework.

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