Monday, April 27, 2009

100 Days: Obama Gets "A" for Cultural Integrity

Democratic U.S.Image via Obama and Kennedy the Health Care Senator

In President Obama's first 100 days he gets an "A" for Cultural Health in general. He has also taught some important lessons in Cultural Integrity.

This is the week that our new President will reach his one hundredth day in office, how has he done. Everyone will be polling and rating his job performance during the first 100 days and making comparisons and projections. It is my job as the Cultural Health guy to rate his cultural performance.

First as a simple citizen of the USA let me give you my generic job rating, "A+". What he said he would do for the American people in the campaign is what he is doing (political integrity). The domestic focus is clear the economy, "Health" Care for all, a green future and education. Every American knows these four points of the Nation's direction. On the foreign policy front he is repairing the America's image and making new friends.

Now as an African American let me give you my Cultural Health Rating, "B". This must be understood in the context of Bush and the haters rating of "F-". Their has been a dramatic improvement in the National Cultural Health. You can feel it in the air and see it in your neighbors face even in these hard economic times of the Bush depression of 09. This is not to say that there has not been a rise in hate groups but the rise of Cultural Humanists and humanism has been greater.

Every Culturally Healthy African American who works in America especially those in corporate America, where I spent my first career, faces the challenge of how to earn a good living and maintain one's Cultural Integrity. Now this may sound odd to non AA's but trust me as a matter of Cultural Literacy it is a reality for my ethnic group.

Obama, like the Williams sisters of Tennis, has done his job for all Americans and in doing so has not denigrated, disgraced or otherwise done harm to his ethnic group. In helping all Americans he has helped his group, who could ask for more. The President has been a good example of Cultural integrity unlike some other notable Black political figures like Larry Elder, Judge Thomas or Dr. Rice. Can he keep this up, that is the $10,000 question. I will be watching and wishing him well.

Phase I (the 100 days) is done and he has won. If he gets "Health" care for all done in Phase II (the first year) he will have done more for Americans and his ethnic group then any President since Lincoln. I will be working for a win in Phase II what about you?

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