Sunday, May 03, 2009

Condi Rice on Torture - It Wasn't Me, it was Bush!

Stanford Students, asked Condoleezza Rice if she authorized torture ("enhanced interrogation"). Dr. Rice responds by saying in effect I did not authorize anything, it was Bush, I just conveyed the President Authorization, wow. (Video)

Condi Rice Pulls a Nixon: If the President Orders Torture, It Must be Legal. For those to young to remember the other Republican criminal president, Nixon, lets go to the Video tape.

Now, I am not a lawyer, but what Nixon said and what Dr. Rice said is the same according to my ears. This is the Republican unitary president philosophy in play. While untried and unpunished criminals are a danger to the integrity of American "justice", the Republican unitary President (King) unexposed and unchecked is also a clear and present danger.

The historical mistake was in not putting Nixon in Jail, that is why we got Bush. Nixon went to his grave thinking he was not a criminal. Republicans were able to spin their party's criminal track record and Bush and the forty thieves were imposed on the American people and the world with disastrous results.

If the highest levels of government are not held below the law than there is no chance of bringing the banksters to justice. Unless we fix this, the only people in America that will receive justice are you and me, and that is not justice, it is just us.

Blind loyalty like blind faith bears rotten fruit. The question for Americans, especially Republicans, is what are we going to do about a President and a Party who decided to break the law and torture human beings. For the first time a member of his inner circle has been broken under citizen grilling. Dr. Rice has publicly put the finger on Bush for torture.

An example must be made if we are not to repeat the errors of the past. No kings in America. I challenge you to vote in the poll below and vote on this story at Newsvine. We must keep this Remarkable Dr. Rice Bush/Nixon video in a continuous loop until the trial starts. The trial target timing should be right after "Health" Care for all is passed in 2009.

Ten Question Newsvine Poll

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