Sunday, October 11, 2009

American People Get Nobel Prize

On Friday morning President Obama was notified that he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The Prize was really for the American people’s move away from torture and war and toward law and peace. (Videos)

Naturally, as this was a direct shot at Bush and the forty thieves’ wars and economic destruction, we could expect the traditional Republican spin, “prize for talk not action”. On the morning talk shows they said this with a straight face, as if stopping Americans from torturing other human beings is not action. The president preempted the expected attacks in his response by saying he did not deserve the prize and we the people of the world have a lot to do regarding peace. Video

The prize to me, is more of a recognition of what we the people did in electing a change of direction in our nation and the world. More importantly it is a challenge to get the change job done. Change starts at home and we must get the Health Care Reform that we voted for passed.

I saw Michael Moore’s movie Capitalism on Saturday. Moore did a remarkable job again like he did with SICKO. He had a message for us Americans; if we want peace and prosperity at home, we need a revolution that controls the money changer’s in America and takes control back from the Bankseters and puts it in the democratic hands of the people.

I am listening and got both messages, did you? Let us not let the prize, take our eyes off the prize.

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