Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No Insurance: What Do You Get From Health Care Form?

In the President's three part health care plan, part two is for those without health insurance. Here is what's in it for you. (Video)

Think of the entrepreneurs who have created a start up business and do not have insurance. Think of the backbone of our country that work for a small business that can't afford to give its employees Health Insurance. Do they not deserve the same insurance choices that they give their congress persons.

This is for the average American who might find him/herself unemployed at any minute, and/or the 14,000 that loose their "Health" insurance everyday.

No, the status quo won't do and I don't see how the Republicans will mount an effective argument against their own Joe the Plumbers. Not to mention that everyone knows that the Exchange with the public option is what guarantees safety and stability for those who do have "insurance". Sounds like a Win Win to me, how about you?

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