Monday, February 01, 2010

Pres. Obama's First State of the Union Address

In case you missed this 2010 speech, here is your second chance to see and understand this full historic, America will not be second Speech. Lean about the new high speed trains that will create jobs in America and what is planned to keep us first.

Find out what the President is doing to help small business get loans to your community and stop health care dirty tricks.

The take away message for me is, America will not be second. Jobs are the 2010 focus. We will take the money (30 billion) we are forcing the banksters to return to we the people and invest it in commercial banks that will give loans to the community including small business. Small business investment and tax credit. We will pass Health Care Reform (HCR). The Republican Senate tried to block legislation that the President wants and he signed and executive order to get it done anyway. I say the same thinking must be applied to HCR.

He also called out the Republican criminal court that "ruled", 5/4, that inanimate objects ("corperations") had the same rights as human citizens.

What are the actions I will take and recommend that you take. I will move my money to a community bank. If you want money in your community, you better put it in your community in an institution that guarantees to reinvest it back in your community.

We the people beat the Corporations in our election of President Obama by using the internet to raise the money he needed and to communicate his party's message. I will let my senators and congress person know that I want legislation to nullify the Republican criminal Supreme Courts attempt to allow corporations to out spend "we the people" in Presidential elections. I suggest you do the same.

What can you do? a simple one two three punch is what you can do
1. Move your money to a community bank
2. Get Health Care Refom passed
3. Stop the criminal court from killing your internet power.

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