Friday, June 04, 2010

Growing Body Parts - A Status Report 2010

Suppose you cut off your finger in an accident and could just grow a new one in four weeks like a Newt. Well medical science has a new tool, Regenerative Medicine, the ability to grow new body parts.

This is new medical technology that can be extremely important to soldiers who have lost a limb or a transplant patient waiting to replace a sick organ. This article is a Video status report on the state of this new technology.

There are two main tracts at this point in the race to build new body parts, the stem cell tract and the ECM tract. Universities, Private industry and the military have regenerative medicine projects underway.

Let's go to the video tape to get you up to speed.

Now a word about loosing your finger. Here is a real world accident miracle repair that demonstrates ECM's practical potential. This guy was lucky to have this particular doctor as his brother. Video (8 Min)

Last but not lest, the breakthrough that is most important to me. I am an elder and all my parts work, however, I could use a few teeth and one or two more strands of hair. So stem cell teeth grown for the first time in animals got my attention. Video. (2 min)

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Asset Search said...

This is miracle invention by medical science. totally a different idea. could you tell us where this technology is available nowadays.

Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect Asset, see what you find when you are looking around the net as part of your work, lol.

The main video link was broken when you came by. I have updated the piece and fixed the video. Take a look again they tell you where the research is going on.

The stem cell teeth work is being done in Japan. As you look around the net if you run across any new developments on stem cell or ECM teeth let me know.

I am sure the VA has clinical trials here in the stats focused on regrowing teeth but I can not find a trial or the right form as of the writing.

In the military there is a form for everything. The trick is to find it.

If you run across any info on this pls advise.

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