Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dr. Lanka Declares AIDS an Energy, not Immune, Deficiency - AEDS

The problem with many HIV/AIDS Hoax articles is that they don't tell me what to tell the sick people, other then the bad news regarding the HIV/AIDS theory. While Dr. Lanka's approch shock you, as it did me, the good news is that he identifies the problem but his focus is very much solution oriented in a way that is testable.

I learned this shocking revelation by accident. A friend introduced me to the problems with the mainstream American MediPlex HIV/AID Theory. As African Americans we have has historical experience with lack of truth and wrongful death from medical "professionals" so we are generally skeptical about MediPlex. But then my friend said there is not just no HIV but no viruses. I said wait a minute, now you have gone to far, what about the cold virus. Well viruses do exist, but what I found out about what we have been told about them and what we actually know and can prove about them was a real eye opener.

Dr. Stefan Lanka Exposes The "Viral Fraud"

Here is an interview with Dr. Lanka that you might find interesting.

For the rest of the interview 2/5 to 5/5 (10 min ea) Click here

For full text of the interview click here

I learned a lot from the information presented to me here. I learned about evolutionary biology, about fungi,energy and about the German medical system. What did you learn?

If you have any evidence that Dr. Lanka is wrong please advise

Cultural Health and Physical Health have something in common, there is basic information attendant to each subject that has been mis-represented and in some cased lied about. Anti-humanists are not just culturally dangerous, they can also be dangerous to your physical health in more ways then one.


Curtis said...

Aunk, thanks for the info. The virus theory is the foundation which justifies vaccines and many other medicines. Now it is obvious that the virus theory was wrong to the point of out right deception. They made billions based on something called a virus which was never proven to cause anything or even proven to exist.

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