Sunday, August 15, 2010

Flock drops Firefox engine for Chromium

Flock drops Firefox engine for Chromium

The Mozilla Firefox-based Flock browser is now available in a Flock 3 beta build that drops Firefox roots in favor of Google's Chromium and its WebKit engine. As one would expect, the new browser is much different from the original. While the latest Flock browser is currently only available for Windows, a Mac beta is due in July.

TechnoCultural commentary:

Apture, as I use in this blog, is implemented in chrome, just by highlighting what you want to search for. This will make finding normally hard to find Cultural based information much easier to find. In a comment I made on MSNBC/Newsvine, I highlighted "anti-Vitamin McCain" using chrome and was amazed to find links to this blog on that Stop the McCain anti-vitamin bill and other stories here, wow.

I have noticed that my flock has been slow of late. I bet the beta 3 is faster. You can bet I am going to get the Flock 3 beta

This has massive implications for the future of browsers as flock is moving fast to Chrome and Safari the mobile communications (Iphone/Droid) browsers of the future.

You will note in the apture link that Iphone kicked some Droid browser butt. I will be checking to see if Apture is on Safari

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