Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Secret Life of Water

Dr. Emoto demon-straights in his books The Secret Life of Water and Water Has a Message for us, that water consciousness is reflective not just of our faces but of our thoughts as conveyed in our words (Video).

I want to utilize Dr. Masaru Emoto's work to make a LifeRcise point. At our new LifeRcise1 YouTube channel you will see some elders in remarkable health. The channel is designed to help you learn about nutrition, fitness and ancient and modern health technology, however, you must bring your own water to the table. The secret that is important to takeaway from your new cosmological understanding of Water, it that bio-energetics underlies all the health technologies.

I filter my water and talk to it. I swim most days and talk to the water before I get in. . The Central (African), Eastern (Asian) and the Western view of the cosmos are three ways to look at the world. A thinking person must absorb the best of all thinking. We are more than 60% water and what we say and think all day, everyday, impacts our health, Healing is in the spirit.

How will you interact with and treat water from here forward?

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