Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Cultural Poisoning in the Milatary

Take a look at the flag of the enslavers and those who faught to continue the enslavement of Africans. Their untreated sons and daughters carry this Cultural Poisoning forward in our American military to this very day.

No place is this dis-ease more dangerous them in the military, cultural poisoning and guns don't mix. I like all solders was taught to be a killer of the first order. If a person comes to the service filled with hate and you add killing skills to the hate you get an explosion.

Pvt 19 year old Daniel Chen

This happen recently when an Asian American soldier was ethnically taunted by culturally insane sociopathic soldiers and then found dead. Like in days of old, no one seems to know "what happened".

8 soldiers charged in his death Click Here for details at MSNBC/Newsvine

I was in during Nam and the good news is everyone had guns so it was even Steven. Folks like the ones in this picture knew that if they were caught in a fire fight with charlie and AA soldiers they were not coming back. What was amazing is the fact that their were not more killings in base champs. Those in charge kept a lid on it. Now this Asian American soldiers "death" tells me that the Bush Republican "leaders" that have infiltrated the military no longer care to keep a lid on the crazy's.

Just in case you did not know about Cultural Poisoning in the military. There is a history to it. Look at the tea party Palin mob pictures on the net. I have seen culturally poisoned soldiers here on the vine.

When I went in, my friends and the older guys would tell you that racism was worst in the Navy, then Air Force, Army and least in the Marines. Things have improved considerably from those days with an African American four star general in Colin Powell and our first AA commander in chief. However, the Attacks on this Asian American soldier is a sad reminder during this holiday season that more Cultural Health work needs to be done in the military.

I turned this MSNBC/Newsvine comment into a blog. Cultural Poisoning anywhere is a threat to American freedom everywhere. If we see it running wild in the Republican party and say nothing and do nothing, we can expect to see it in our military, in our education system, in our "health" care system and other places more close to home.

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Radio Free America said...

Aunk all of our wars a cultural poisoning as they are against the brown people of the world, the non-western cultures of the world.

Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect Radio Free America, tnx for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

Yes, World War Zero (WW0) started c.1500 BCE and has run hot and cold ever since.

The error of many who know about WW0 is to think that it is over.

The last major battle here in the States was the Civil Rights Battle. Now in 2012 Republican cultural terrorists thinly disguised as the "Tea" Party are trying to reignite the flames of Cultural War.

The 2012 election results will tell us much about WW0. I believe we are headed for a new beginning. The number 13 in Classical African Civilization, Kemet, (Ancient Egypt) is the number of new beginnings and 12 marks and ending.

We will see, "Keep a sharp Eye" as AA prisoners of war would say about the "slave" catchers in the North.

P.S. As a result of your comment, you will note that I restored the broken links and cleaned up the piece.

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