Friday, December 23, 2011

South Carolina Cultural Terrorist Voter ID Law Bocked

The Republican Cultural Terrorist of South Carolina have been stopped. The Justice Department must declare Voter Suppression as a crime second only to treason and deserving of the same penalties.

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Friday blocked a new South Carolina law that requires voters to have photo identification because of concerns it would hurt minorities' ability to cast a ballot.

Republican Gov. Nikki Haley in May signed into law a measure that says voters must show a driver's license, passport or military identification along with their voter registration card in order to vote.

The Justice Department said the requirement could harm the right to vote of tens of thousands of people, noting that just over a third of the state's minorities who are registered voters did not have a driver's license needed to cast a ballot.
Cultural Comment

Republican terrorist are attacking African Americans, Latino Americans, older Americans and the poor in 30 states with voter suppression (pole tax/pole tests type dirty South tactics from the days of post enslavement.) These individuals that would tamper with an American citizens right to vote must be rounded up and put in jail.

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