Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Iphone Gets First Weather Prediction App (Review Video)

In our battle against the elements, Dark Sky is definitely a digital tool we want to have in our pocket.
The weather app for iPhone aims to tell you exactly when it it going to rain down to the hour.
And Dark Sky is beautifully crafted to boot. Couple that with excellent graphics and maps, and the app becomes a truly enjoyable way to help you nail down the next downpour."

This screen shot shows you a graphic of the weather over your head, and not just choppy snapshots of the radar every five minutes as in the Weather Channel or Weather bug, but a smooth scroll of the weather's path. 

The yellow line tells you more detail about rain fall then any app on the market. It predicts light, medium and heavy rain fall in ten minute increments.  

Dark Sky Weather App - Business Insider: "
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Below you will see a video of the two smart folks who invented this app and what they intended to do.

Let's Go To the Video Tape
Now that is what they wanted their app to do, does it do it? Click Here to see a review of Dark Skys.

  Aunk's commentary: I swim outdoors and play tennis most days in the summer so if it is going to rain in the next hour is very important to me on a daily bases. I brought the app of $399 today. I live in the North East and  will be testing this app over the next week. I will get back to you with the results as an update to this article.

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