Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Picture of Mitt Romney's "Civil Right" Father puts their Cultural Terroism on the Table

This Republican Picture of Mitt Romney's "Civil Right" Father puts their Cultural Terrorism on the political Table.

Republicans have not done MItt, Corporations are people, Romney any favors with this picture of his father which, cuts both ways. We thank Mr. Romney for any positive role he played in the Civil Rights Battle of World War Zero (WW0) and call to your attention his and his son's cultural terrorist roll in the same war c. 1500 BCE - Present.

Mitt Romney's Grandfather was from Mexico

Need More information: Question was his Grandfather a European Mexican as in those who invaded Turtle Island from Spain and murdered and enslaved the indigenous people? or was he an African Mexican, indigenous Mexican or multi-ethnic Mexican?


And I'm not saying that Romney is racist BUT he has never denounced his church's views on African-Americans - you know, the ones that hold that dark skin is a "curse from God?"

Now you have pointed out the facts this picture represents regarding the Romney historic and present relationship to AA's. The fact is that Romney leads the party of David Duke and the Tea party who are against all AA & LA rights from health care to LA dream children act the President just implemented.

He and his father may or may not be racist, but they both are Cultural Terrorists suffering from life long massive doses of Cultural Poisoning,

I dear a Republican to put up a link to the Bible that they both swear is the word of GOD. The section where is talks about Black People please. Thank you in advance for your fine participation in this presentation of the Biblical "Fact" According to Romney and his grandfather.

You are right the apple does not fall far from the tree. Now weather that tree has been used for apples or Psychological lynching is another matter.

Here is the source and context of this article. MSNBC / Newsvine

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Aunk said...

Here is a comment from the MSNBC/Newsvine discussion that I think is very important.

Like the child molesting, American concentration champ (Plantation) owner and en-slaver Thomas Jefferson, all the facts were not reported in US history class.

However, today we have the internet so cultural terrorists can no longer get away with hiding the facts, as NectarineRecordsInc. demonstrates below.


I lived in Detroit during the Riots, and it was George Romney who sent the National Guard into Detroit and killed over 40 people, Black and White alike. George Romney was no friend of Civil Rights. George was present, but so were a lot of people such as Charlton Heston, Marlon Brando and many others. Photo opting at a Civil Rights march isn't being a crusader. As Governor, Romney did NOTHING to advance the cause of Civil Rights, and his actions in Detroit in 1967 actually are part of the reason Detroit is what it is today.

Serious fail. Neither has done anything but take pictures. Sad that you would invoke something so sacred to many Americans, especially in marches when people such as Viola Luizzo, a Detroit resident lost her life for a noble cause. Many people died for the Civil rights advances that you're playing political one-upsmanship with. You have no clue here, and are just posting hoping that some idiot will fall for the shaky links to the Civil Rights movement that you have here.

While George Romney was President of AMC, there were NO Blacks in management positions, which speaks volumes of Mr. Romney. So let's tell it like it is, and not engage in half truths or shady faux facts.

Stop playing racial politics. You weren't there. Neither did you know any of the people whose deaths George Romney's rash thinking caused.

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