Friday, December 21, 2012

iPhone tool automatically screens calls - CBS News

Corporate executives have administrative assistants to screen their calls for them. Now you can do the same thing yourself with your iPhone.

Call Bliss is a powerful iPhone app that extends the phone's "do not disturb"feature, which appeared in Apple's (AAPL) latest operating system for its mobile devices, iOS 6. Using iOS 6, it's easy to block all calls at particular times of day. You can also mark "favorite" contacts who can get through the filter,

I said to Siri Do Not Disturb

Sire said:
OK, Just let me know when you need me.

If you don't want your apps to disturb you, you might want to change your Do Not Disturb settings,

Siri while you are accurate that is not what I meant, lolt but you were helpful.

Bottom line Siri does not do DND yet, but Call Bliss does.

Now I thought that when I left corporate America my Admin Asst days were behind me, well not so fast. See link for details below. Now just wait until Siri has This Do Not Disturb added to here knowledge bank.

iPhone tool automatically screens calls - CBS News:

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