Sunday, October 26, 2014

Apple Pay USAA Caused me to Open Chase Checking

I wanted to use Apple Pay on my New IPhone 6+ 128g at Wholefoods. I use USSA for my Apple Account, so piece of cake right? Wrong. USAA card was rejected - your bank has not authorized Apple pay yet. 

So I walked into my local Chase Branch and opened a checking Account. I got a bank card on the spot. Loaded it into my IPhone by taking a picture of it "successfully" in the bank. Went to Wholefoods and used apple pay for the first time that day.

I learned something from this experience. Chase checking and saving accts are more expensive then USAA, unless you keep a lot of money in them "minimums". But they are free if you are military. They also gave me a free Credit card. 

But Chase does not have the expense And category budgeting tools in their Iphone app that USAA has. 

Recommendation: USAA move faster to work with the Gold Standard secure Apple folks. 

I saw your Alert Apple Pay is coming.


USAA is a great bank for military personal and they have and are leading the banking industry in technology. But they don't have offices on the ground were you can go and do things instantly. 

They need to work more closely with the Mobil computing leader Apple so that they don't fall behind in customer service and cause happy customers like me to go to other banks to get services they don't offer. 

I was not happy on Apple Pay Announcement day, with NO USAA. 

To be clear I like USAA they have been very good in customer service. But chase has been more generous in the available credit area and in being right on the technological curve with the ingenuous A Team at apple. So some money that was planned for USAA may now go into Chase so I can learn about them.

Chase is bigger but looking on the net they have a lot of complaints and stories of dishonesty and closing accounts at the first "sign" of trouble. Just the opposite seems to be true of USAA.

As the ancestor's would say "Keep a sharp Eye"  

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