Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Google Flu Trends Found to be in Error

Without specifically acknowledging criticisms about its accuracy, Google announced Friday it would be making some changes to Google Flu Trends, the service that uses search data to track and predict flu outcomes in the United States and around the world. Specifically, Flu Trends will stop relying solely on search data to make predictions but will begin to combine that search data, continually, with publicly available data from the CDC."

Aunk's Commentary:
This is another example of the Google Grandiose Mediocre mindset. Google does search, data mining and ads at the highest quality. Google also does a lot of other side things mostly mediocre. So if they do this with machines like the Iphone clone Android stuff what would make us think they would do better with humans then with machines. 

When it comes to health, I would not trust Google as far as I could through them.

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Google Flu Trends will supplement crowdsourced approach with CDC data | mobihealthnews:

On a positive note, notice the graph at the top that shows flu season. Not that people in America get colds and the "Flu" when sun light (Vitamin D) goes down and cold weather goes up. If memory serves me their is no flu season in Africa near the equator. The moral of the story is take your vitamin D in the winter as a cold prophylactic. I (an African American) go from 10,000 in the summer to 15,000 iu's in the winter. I live in the New York City area. This keeps my blood Vitamin D level at 80 to 90 ng ml.

The key hear is that vitamin D dosage if different for every human being depending on melanin content and other factors. You need to find what dose produces your target blood levels. By the way I have not had a cold to speak of in years.

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