Sunday, July 06, 2008

Black is Back at Wimbledon Tennis

It seems like Black is back in the Tennis majors and in cyberspace. The Williams sisters sweep the woman's finals in singles and doubles at the Wimbledon All England Tennis club.

I play street tennis in New York and New Jersey and love to watch melanin moving on the court. I have a friend that does not play tennis, but he will never miss a match and always calls me to let me know when the sisters are playing. The William's sisters have effected many people that way so, it is wonderful to see them back in play on the big sports stage.

It is especially good to see Serena Williams the younger sister back in shape, when many said it could not be done and she was through. She obviously has worked very hard on her fitness and even though she lost to her sister in singles, she deserves props as my children would say.

What is most remarkable is the cultural orientation that they bring to the sport. You should have heard the TV commentators asking if they would stop talking to each other. Their reply, more or less was, we are sister, tennis is a sport, we will still be sisters after we play the game. They play what I call Jazzy Tennis and practice "cooperative competition", There is no need to "hate" or try to "kill" your opponent in the central worldview, just defeat him, her or them.

Athletes and sports fans in all sports can learn something from the Williams brand of sportspersonship which, I have given the cultural tag cooperative competition.

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