Sunday, June 29, 2008

Food Looks Like The Body Organs They Help - Video

This video teaches you how to tell what foods help which organs. It is amazing how simple Nature has made it for us if we just pay close attention.

Food Patterns of Our Body - Video

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In African medical philosophy and Chines medical philosophy plants and humans know each other and play a complementary roll in each others lives. For Example, plants make oxygen which we use and we make Carbon Monoxide which they use. This tells the thinking mind, with out double blind studies, that these two life forces must operate under the same rules. Even if we do not understand the rules the connection is self-evident. This video puts in to words and pictures some of the things I have learned over the years from Dr. Kokyi, Dr. Ali, Dr. Amen, Dr. waskem and others.

The tomato looks like the hart and has four chambers like the hart, and when you eat it, it is good for the hart and circulation, WoW. Celery looks like the bones (leg bone with bone marrow) and bones are 23% sodium and Celery is 23% Sodium. So, it  is the case, that food mimics organ patterns to alert us to how they can help us.

I hope you will use this knowledge to minimize your need for the American pay or die, sick care system on the one hand and improve your personal health care system on the other.

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