Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The King is Almost Dead - Bush Headed Back to Bushes

Tricky Dick Cheney as president of the Senate declares Obama President to a standing Ovation in a joint house session. This week Bush gave his last Press conference. (Video)

The good news is that the inauguration is next week and Bush will no longer sit on the thrown that voter suppression and the rogue Republican Supreme "Court" placed him on in 2000.

Cheney Declares Obama President To Standing Ovation in Joint House Session + 8 Years Back!

As we leave the Bush disaster era we should not forget how this treasonous era started lest we repeat the risk to our constitution in the future. As the video shows there were precious few who stood up for us the people, while most of the elected sheepeople where asleep at the switch at best.

I won't waste your time with a video of Bush's last press conference. To sum it up, Bush is leaving as dumb or evil, as the case may be, as he came in. He does not admit to the Bush Iraq war, to his Katrina disgrace, American world disgrace, or the Bush/Republican induced Depression. He said he thought trying steal American Social Security pensions and put them into his Wall Street forty thieves gambling house of cards, that has since collapsed, was simply a marketing timing error.

As the grand old lady of the press corps has reported, I have one thing to say to Bush, History can not save you.

Like "remember the Alamo", one hundred years from now, there will be AA's saying "remember Katrina", and all Americans will be saying "remember Bush".

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