Sunday, January 11, 2009

Prince Harry Exhibits Symptoms of Cultural Poisoning

Prince Harry the future King of England exhibits symptoms of Cultural Poisoning. It may be a mistake to call these statements "racist". (Video)

One might make the mistake of thinking that the words you heard dripping from the Prince's lips are not serious. Aside from being a general disgrace to the Royal Family and his nation, one must remember history.

Prince Harry racist outbursts

The British you will remember helped to kill millions in India, Africa and America (Turtle Island). Racism and its modern cultural anti-humanism comes to America from Europe. It would be nice to think this dis-ease is history but Prince Harry reminds us, as Arabs die by the millions, the murderous thinking of the crown is not dead yet.

Cultural Literacy Minute: Words are both the symptoms of and means of transmitting the dis-ease of Cultural Poisoning.

So the question, from a Cultural Health point of view, becomes is this the "normal" view in the British military and the source of Harry's dis-ease or did the Prince receive his infection from his family?

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