Thursday, January 08, 2009

White BART Cop Shoots Black Youth in Cold Blood

This Video shows that the European American Bay Area Rapid Transit Police Officer Shot the African American youth Oscar Grant while he was on the ground face down and handcuffed.

Proof Oscar Grant Was HandCuffed and THEN SHOT by Bart Police officer

Why has this murder and his accomplices in this crime not been interviewed by investigators. This is part of the Criminal cop "blue wall of silence" code that must be outlawed in America.

Remember Bush and the Cultural Anti-humanists Republican forty thieves. Tricky Dick Cheney shot a citizen in the face and said to the police I really don't want to talk now, come back tomorrow. Imagine if you or I shoot someone, questions, they would be shooting at me and asking me questions later. I European American stole 50 Billion Billion Dollars, has caused people to kill themselves (Sounds like murder to me) and he is under house arrest. OJ tried to get his own property back and he is in jail forever.

OK, go ahead and tell the African American community we are just paranoid, there is no Criminal Injustice system that needs to be fixed. What is the cops name so we can look up his record. Who are the other cops. The Jewish American community here in New York would have already stormed the police station.

This Bush and the forty thieves crap must stop where is the state attorney general, FBI, What is going on. When the police chief comes to the mic he better have a lot of answers.

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