Sunday, March 22, 2009

Obama Exhibits First Sign of Cultural Poisoning

I voted for the President but what he said regarding the disabled community was a non-traditional symptom of Cultural Poisoning that should be looked at closer.

As a matter of Cultural Health we should always endeavor to reduce Cultural Poisoning of all types. Normally I do cultural commentary on Cultural Poisoning as it relates to Black and White ethnic group issues. Cultural Poisoning as it relates to the disability community is a reality that is even less known and understood then Black/White issues.

For the first time, a sitting President appeared on the Jay Leno Show, where President Obama unfortunately referred to bowling and the “Special Olympics”. See the video on YouTube.

First let me say that anyone can, and most of us do, exhibit a symptom of Cultural Poisoning (CP) from time to time. for instance, Dr. Martin Luther King used the “N” Word (Negro) as common parlance. I have watched the President closely and I have not detected any inter-ethnic Cultural Poisoning yet so, why this odd off hand disrespect of the disability community. Was it competitive arrogance?

If you have ever been in a Gym locker room and heard the trash talk, you might suspect that the President probably picked up this CP in such and environment. Whatever the case, the good news is that unlike Bush and the forty thieves, this President immediately acknowledged the mistake and apologized. Now, that is change, and a good example of how to cure a specific symptom of Cultural Poisoning. Amen!

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