Sunday, March 29, 2009

What the L is a Blue Dog Democrat?

More importantly the question is will this group of Democrats vote for the budget and reducing health care costs or will they be Bush Dog democrats as they have been called in the past.

Like most people I have not followed politics as much before Obama as I am now. I missed these Blue Dogs. I remember their anti-humanist disgraced predecessors the Yellow Dog Democrats and the unreliable near criminal Boll Weevils (“Social Conservatives”). We understood these folks as they were self-confessed public enemy’s of African Americans.

Most of these Southern anti-humanist types where run out of the New Democratic Party and into the Republican Party in the 60’s. It is rumored that the New Democrats muted the voice of the relatively few anti-humanists left in the party by strangling them until they were blue. This is how they got their name as Blue Dogs.

The problem is
these Blue Dogs have regrouped and now threaten the Obama budget from inside the Democratic Party. 51 “moderate” and conservative Democratic members of the house are part of the Blue Dog Democratic Coalition. Their official platform is “fiscal conservatism” but they got the name of Bush dogs by siding with him on the war, banksterism and the deregulation that brought us the Bush Depression of 2009.

The question is
, will these Blue Dogs behave like Bush Dogs on the Democratic budget or American Blue Chip Dogs in favor of Jobs, health care, and education.

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