Thursday, March 12, 2009

Single Payer Action - Everybody In, Nobody Out

There is a new movement afoot that All Americans should learn about. I just joined to lend my voice, what about you? Are you behind Single Payer Health Care or Profit Care?

If you are thinking about this subject you should see SickO Micheal Moore's Health survey movie and the video clips about two American Single Payers UHC (Universal "Health" Care initiatives. One is a State initiate from the great state of California. The other is a National Single Payer initiative in Bill HR 676 the John Conyers (D-Michigan)bill.

Stat Initiative 3:00 Minutes.

California has a plan that should be looked at closely. If you want to see the full version of this video Click Here This is one of the best Single Payer Video's I have seen. (22 Minutes)

Federal UHC-SP Initiative 4:00 Min

What do you think will we get Single Payer in the first pass of reform or the next pass.

UHC in 2009 or Bust! Single Payer Action Join us

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