Sunday, May 17, 2009

Al Sharpton and Newt Gingrich Meet, Together? (Video)

Obama has managed another, I never thought I would see it in my life time, moment. Al Sharpton, Republican Newt Gingrich and New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg met the the president to join forces.

Today is the 55th anniversary of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education where separate but Equal passed into history. If you were to tell me that you believed a social conservative like Wallace, David Duke or Newt Gingrich were in favor of equal education of all Americans I would have called you a lair. However, you just saw the video. I continue to learn from Obama's actions, even the most hard core opponents can find a common goal under the right circumstances.

On Saturday both Sharpton and the First Lady took action regarding education.

Today is equal education day. What have you done for Cultural Health and education today?

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