Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day - My Dad and My Culture

This day is not just the first big barbecue day of the summer. It is a day to remember and honor our country's fallen and our Culture's fallen. On this day I especially remember my dad in World War II, and his fathers in World War Zero.

More than 1 million men and women have died in the service of this nation in wars and conflicts dating back to 1775. Anyone who has lived through a war will tell you, war is a terrible thing and nobody "wins".

I sat down yesterday and asked one of my grandsons, what holiday is this. He is seven and finishing up the second grade. Like usual he knew the answer, Memorial Day he said proudly. I asked him what is Memorial day? He quickly responded the day to remember soldiers that died. Well, it is always good to know that they are still teaching young people something in school.

Then Honorable Grandson asked the grandson question. Do we have any soldiers that died in wars in our family? I responded, not that I know of but we have soldiers in our family and we know fellow soldiers who gave their life in service to their country. Grandson says who? I showed him a picture of me during the Vietnam Era and his great grand father during World War Two.

Grandsons have a way of causing grand parents to think. So I went to and found my fathers 1943 Enlistment record. Thank god for grandsons.

This Memorial Day has a special place in history as it is the first Memorial day to see a member of our ethnic group as commander in chief of the United States of America. I am confident that my dad's self is both shocked and proud.

In the Cultural Health tradition you know we also utilize American holidays to promote Cultural literacy. So Memorial day, is also a day for Africans in America to remember our fallen Cultural Solders.

Lets refresh your memory regarding the Cultural War c.1500 B.C.E. - Present. We have lost many brave souls in many battles. In ancient times we should remember Hypatia daughter of Theon in the African city of Alexandria. in Greek times, Socrates and the nameless ones come to mind. Fast forwarding to modern times we should Remember the one hundred million fallen of World War Zero ("Slave Trade"/African Holocaust). We should also remember the fallen of the most recent battles in the Cultural War, the Civil Rights battle and the Cultural Literacy battle. Dr. King and Dr. Clarke come to mind respectively.

Have a safe and Culturally Healthy Memorial day and don't burn down your back yard.

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Shelia said...

Great post Aunk - really puts a nice perspective on the holiday and family.

Hope you and your family share a nice holiday!

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