Friday, February 26, 2010

Stop The John McCain Anti-Vitamin Bill

Senator John McCain has put forward a bill, The Dietary Supplement and Safety Act (DSSA), that would prevent you and I from getting Vitamins and other "dietary supplements". If you plan on maximizing your health we need to stop the McCain anti-vitamin bill now. (video)

Could this be the same John McCain who lost his presidential run against Health Care Reform? The same McCain that had the nerve to come before us, in the light of day, at the President's Health Reform Summit, without a written plan or one useful suggestion for improving our health? This could not possibly be the same McCain, allegedly concerned about deals with the drug makers?

Not only do I know this man to be a mortal enemy of any American for health care reform, but now Americans, who voted for him, no longer believe him, now that he has demonstrated his naked FDA/Drug company stand against American health.

Let's go to the video tape.

What a disgraceful, despicable person. He was just on TV at the summit against all Americans getting basic sick care. Now he is trying to sneak a anti-vitamin bill through to prevent me from managing my own health care.

I am healthy and proud to tell my Docs, that I take no drugs, under penalty of Death!

My secret
, keep your supplement pill box full and your drug pill box empty.

Mr. Anti-Vitamin McCain
, you will have to pry my vitamins from my dead hands.

We must stop this unholy alliance between McCain Republicans, the Bush undead and the FDA, who are wholly owned subsidiary's of MediPlex (medical industrial complex i.e. The Food and Death Administration [FDA], drug company's, Medical "insurance", like Nixon HMO's and Shop Wrong [Rite] Supermarkets, etc) .

Take Action

I just joined the Alliance for Natural Health (ANH). I first heard about them from Nearing a columnist on MSNBC/Newsvine. As you know LifeRcise and physical health is one of my main focuses. I hope you will take a look at some of their other campaigns like the Codex Alimentarius that marshal forces to stop unwanted and sometimes criminal interference with our natural food rights.


Aunk said...

In addition to signing up of the ANH news letter and sending their protest Email to my congress people.

I used my Iphone to send both my Senators and my congressmen the following.

Please do not co-sponsor Senator McCain's Dietary Supplement Safety Act (DSSA). Instead, I expect you to protect my health by oppose it! Tnx

Anonymous said...

McCain, the freaking RINO azzhole, stay the f-ck out of the herbs, vitamins, and supplements, you idiot......and tell that freaking azzhole DUMBOCRAP, WAXMAN, to stay the hell away, also.....I'm sorry that I voted for your stupid azz.....

C. Ialis said...

I wish you will investigate some of their other campaigns, which collect forces to stop unnecessary and sometimes criminal meddling with our natural food rights.

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