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Egypt to Museums: Return Our Stolen Treasures

I am no fan of YourAss (Hawass) the Cultural Terrorist, but there can be some useful events and information even from poor sources.

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That Arabs now occupy Classical African Civilization, Kemet (Ancient Egypt) goes without saying as is the case with those of us who today occupy Turtle Island (America).

It is an interesting ploy of the directer to join with Classical European Civilization Countries like Greece to get back what was stolen. Natural law, family law and international law provides that thieves do not get to keep what they stole. The only people who do not adhere to that law are thieves naturally.

Unfortunately Western "archeologist" have a history of grave desecration and robbery of other cultures, then declaring themselves the experts on these Cultures not the indigenous people. Hawass has am up hill battle returning artifact to the mother land.

The other side of the Coin is the need for some artifact to stay in other places in the world so that diaspora Africans have access to their energy and information.

But we must give credit where credit is due, he is restoring important elements of Classical African Civilization (CAC) and over time this will be of great value to the two billion+ Black people worldwide that will benefit from this action as there Cultural Literacy improves.

Cultural Soldier must be active during this artifact repatriation process to minimize Cultural Poisoning. E.G.

Chief among the items Egypt wants back is the bust of Nefertiti, which is at Berlin's Egyptian Museum. Egypt says it was shipped out of the country in 1913 on the basis of fraudulent papers.

The great Kemetologist and honorable ancester Dr. Van Sertima in the Journal of African Civilization as long since discredited the fraudulent "White" Nefertiti bust. This statue was found on the ground in a studio with no markings on it. We have carvings of the traditional African Queen Nefertiti and her children on the walls in stone and they look nothing like this bust. In fact there is no evidence that this person even knew the king or the royal family. The head dress on this statue confirms the fraud by German anti-Kemites as there is no evidence of any such design in Kemit. YourAss knows these facts.

Does is belong in Kemit, yes with the attempted Cultural Poisoning of the anti-kemites exposed. That is our job as soldiers.

Those who really deserve to have the relics returned to them really can't be found.

The direct descendants of the original Kemetians still live in Kemet as my friend and Neighbor the honorable Dr. J points as you go further south to the Hart of Kemet the people get darker until everyone looks like you. Dr. Ben is of the same mind as are all Kemetologists.

P.S. Tell me what you think of my google Knol's as a tool that may be useful to Cultural Soldiers?

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