Saturday, April 24, 2010

Take Action to Help Black Farmers

The case is won, the court has ruled, all we need to do is get these good American farmers paid their due, but we need you. (Video)

I would think that 98% of these 80,000 family farmers voted for the President and congress. The rest of us who voted for him and expect him to help the middle class are watching.

Bush said, his constituents were the halves and halve mores. We will see if there has been a change.

OK now it is done. Now it is your turn folks. Don't Get angry, get even (by getting results). Remember insurance reform! Use the Tools to beat the fools!

"Will you take action to help 80,000 Black farmers get paid? Tell us what you did or leave and idea regarding what else you think we can do. Tweet this and FB it." Let's MAKE SOME NoIsE!@#$$%%^
Take Action to Help Black Farmers - Google Moderator:

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