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The "N" Word is on the 2010 Census Form

The Census Bureau put the "N" Word back on the census form. Many AA's are shocked and outraged at the creation of an "N" word Census form and won't send it in. On the other hand, our President has taken a simple lead by example approach that is having an important literacy effect on the Nation's Cultural Health.

In another twist of our remarkable nation and its multi-ethnic complexity,  it it interesting to note, that in the first term of our first official African American President, the Census Bureau prints up hundreds of millions of N-word forms to send to the Nation's citizens. Someone at the bureau must be saying Opoos.

From a Cultural Literacy point of view their are at least four problems that flow from this "N" Word Census Form. 1. The fact that the N-Word was returned to the form raises the question of why and who put it there? 2. The fact that it has disrespected and outraged culturally literate African Americans who may not send the form in. 3. It caused the Press to ask the President of the United States of America, for the first time in my life time, how he filled out the Census from regarding Ethnicity. 4. Last but not least, it points out that the Census Bureau is still the most visibly culturally poisoned agency in the Government.

This article will look at the form and the four problems. Here is the form:

The question Reads "What is the Person's race? in addition to the Culturally Healthy Choices Black/African American, Cultural anti-humanists or Culturally illiterate Humanists added the disrespectful term "Negro" as a choice.

The good news is that Robert Groves the Directer of the Census Bureau has apologized for this Culturally Illiterate error. Let's Go To the Video Tape!

Some very important Cultural Literacy information is presented by the director. 1. he understands "Negro" to be offensive and outdated and will remove the Culturally Poisoned term. 2. 56,000 persons checked Black or African American and wrote in the N-Word. Does that mean that we have 56,000 AA's that are still suffering from such a chronic form of Cultural Poisoning in the 21st Century. There may be some elders they still remain convinced that they are some non-existent "Negro" "race"? Some elders have never heard of the concept of Cultural Health and have not received the antidote for their original poisoning.

The surprise critical information if accurate, is the revelation that 50% of those with the N-word dis-ese were under 45 years of age. This statistic raises the issue of Reverse Cultural Poisoning ("Nigga"). Some of our youth have been duped into reinfecting themselves by a masterful, respelling of evil trick, that reprograms their bio-computers (mind) to think it is good, and even friendly, to allow themselves and others to call them out of their name. Some European American Teachers even teach them this disgraceful practice in schools.

Assuming that what has been represented is accurate, elders and master teachers in the African American community should hear this as a Reverse Cultural Poisoning (RCP)  a wake up call. We have a lot of Cultural literacy work to do at home, if we are to have the kind of Cultural Health effect needed in the nation at large. If you saw the Video A GIRL LIKE ME, you under stand the road to Cultural Literacy runs through our children especially, the mothers who are the first and primary teachers of the next generation.

If history is a guide, under Bush or McCain this apology would have never come forward and the country would have a massive battle of words problem, culturally confusing the nation even further then it is now. As you can see the first problem of the N-Word Census form has many dimensions that my not be obvious to the Average American. Cultural literacy requires that we have some understanding of these dimensions if we are to be effective players on Team America.

Now lets look at the Second problem, AA's being annoyed enough not to send the form in costing the country millions at a time when we need to reduce cost. Well the third problem I raise about the Press asking the President how he filled out the form, may address that second problem for us.

Obama's census choice: simply African-American
While many are spinning like tops, the President dose as he has done with so many other complex issues, kept it simple I'm Black period. With this simple act, the President has headed off what could have been a massive don't send in the census form campaign.

Despite the leader of our country's Cultural Health clarification some Americans will still be confused, so I added the following information, in an effort to preemptively clear up the questions that historically come from the "well meaning" Culturally Poisoned "Color Blind" camp. We have enough dis-ease in America we don't need anyone going blind. 

As a practical matter, Americans have never had any difficulty telling who was A Black person in America when standing in front of an African American on the street. However, up here in cyberspace people get "intellectual" and all of a sudden are culturally confused about Black people. For the record there are two types of Blackness, Psychological Blackness and Biological Blackness. In the case of psychological Blackness, if you ask ten people you will get ten different answers. Biological Blackness on the other hand is a scientifically measurable fact not open to debate.

Cultural Literacy Minute:
If you are a substantial melanin producer and/or you have a Black parent you are Black. There are 2 billion+ Black people worldwide in the African year 12,010.

Cultural Literacy Minute: African/African American is an origin/nationality designator like European American or Asian American. The Origin part of the phrase designates a citizen's geographic/ethnic source. i.e. Continental Africans and diaspora Africans (those of African decent). Nationality is the nation you are a citizen of.

Having said this, takes us to the last problem of the Census Bureau remaining the most publicly Culturally Confused agency in government. Did you hear the directer refer to Hispanic as a "race"? They seem to have missed the fact that the experts in this area of science have long since in their majority discredited the racist Blumbach concept of "race".I have a CLM for the census bureau.

Cultural Literacy Minute: There is one race, the human race, and many ethnic groups.

Hispanic or Latino is a language group, to call it a "race" is culturally illiterate. It is like Hitler making up a Jewish "race" out of a religious group. What ethnic groups are speaking this language is a different question. No, it is not an easy issue but Census needs to fix this culturally confused part of their form and not add to cultural confusion by calling language a "race". If you are Latino how did you fill out the form, and why?

How has the President's action effected what I will do with the census form? I was not going to fill out any such Culturally Poisoning form. On reflection I will fill out the form, cross out the word "Negro". and write my request that it be removed from the form in the future. I will also call and Email the Census Bureau thanking the director for his apology to African American citizens and reiterating my expectation of not seeing this Culturally Poisoned term on future census forms.

Now the question is, if you are Black/AA or multi-ethnic how will/did you fill out the Census?


Sarolite said...

I am American born to Mexican parents, and I personally am uncomfortable being "white of Hispanic origin." I don't care what the science or agencies say, I believe that Hispanic is a race. We are a mestizaje, mixture, of Spanish and native Mexican. You could call it being bi-racial, but there's no "Native Mexican" checkbox to signify our blend of what we mixed with white, so my family checked other and wrote it in.

sharon said...

This is a very interesting blog and so i like to visit your blog again and again. Keep it up.


Cracked World said...

It amazes me that society still drags these euphemistic epitaphs around and pretending that it's not insulting to real Americans.

There should be no ethnic discrimination in our society that is known as the melting pot. If they are going to draw lines and separate African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans then does that make the white man a European-American.

We are all Americans and that is the only thing that should count in the Census and in our "Melting Pot"society.

Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect Sarolite, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Cultural Literacy Minute: There is one race the human race and many ethnic groups.

In Cultural Health terminology you are multi-Ethnic (Mestizaje, mixture). Bi-racial is culturally poisoned terminology, as the concept of "race", as invented by racists, has been discredited.

"Native Mexican" makes sense to me. Thanks for raising our Cultural Literacy regarding contemporary Mexican cultural thought.

Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect Sharon, thanks for coming by, glad to see u.

Aunk said...

Hetep and Respect Cracked World, thank you for sharing your thinking on this important matter.

"real" Americans is a culturally confusing term to me. Who are the "fake" Americans.

I have heard Tea Party people use this term. Are you a TP?

You said:
"...our society that is known as the melting pot..."

That is your understanding of our country. I understand America to be a multi-ethnic nation. The United States in reality is more like a gumbo then a so called melting pot.

I suggest you take a look at the following Cultural Literacy Link

You said:

"...then does that make the white man a European-American..."

"Yes", White people in America are commonly understood to be European Americans. See American Ethnic Identification link below.

I hope you find this Cultural Health information useful.

Let me know if you have any more questions, nice talking with you.

Stephen said...

Racial discrimination is an unending issue. It will not put to an end if racial groupings & community will separate to another races in one nation. Just like here in the Southern Philippines, racial discrimination is really an evident to cultural indifference.

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