Monday, June 20, 2011

Republican Cultural Traitor Julius Henson Forced Out Of Closet

Hetep and Respect, anyone caught tampering with the American vote should be put in jail for life as there is no greater crime that can be committed against a citizen save treason.

Many would argue that voter suppression is a form of treason only done by Cultural Anti-Humanists.

Julius Henson the AA is an example of a Cultural Traitor. Jewish Americans remember such people during the white supremacy poster child Hitlers rain of terror.

If you think this story is just about votes and not America's soul, you miss the point.
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Aides To GOP Governor Indicted For Trying To Suppress Black Voter Turnout In 2010 Campaign

Two top aides to former Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich (R) were indicted Friday for trying to suppress Democratic voter turnout by ordering misleading phone calls that discouraged voters from going to the polls. The Baltimore Sun reports that Paul Schurick, Ehrlich’s communications director, and Julius Henson, a longtime GOP operative, directed this deceptive robocall campaign targeting the state’s black voters during last year’s gubernatorial campaign:

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