Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Wisconsin Cultural Terrorists Burn Obama In Effigy

"American" Cultural Terrorists put a noose around the neck of our President and burn him in effigy. (Video)

The sons and daughters of these Cultural Terrorists walk among us, what are YOU going to do about it?
If you think this is simply political, you need to think a little harder then you have in the past.

Let's Go TO The Video Tape

So what will they burn next?

This is a must see for those who misguidedly believe the Cultural Poisoning notion that we live in a Post "racial America". Yesteryear's pub and grill, Karen Schoenfield Owner. The licences of this bar should be revoked. Americans of good will should call Miss Schoenfield and express their concern for her support of Cultural Terrorism as demonstrated by the fact that the immoral, possibly criminally insane, Bartender was not fired.

It is remarkable that in a bar where people are pouring alcohol on their liver that over time will make them ill, and in need of health care, are attacking the very person who is looking out for their future will-being by passing the Affordable Health Care Act.

Americans with a working moral compass like Belindajoy should make an effort to make sure our fellow Americans know about this town of West Allis, Wisconsin which, seems to be a den of Cultural Terrorism.

Cultural Poisoning is a psycho-social Dis-ease
Passed from Parent to child 

It is interesting to note that this is the same Wisconsin where Republican extremists are attacking the jobs and rights of Teachers, police and fireman. When morality and concern for one's fellow man leaves a community only the animal spirit is left to run wild.

It is 10 O'clock, what is the state of Cultural Health in your community?

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