Friday, August 05, 2011

Criminal Banks Defraud Homeowners With Fake Documents (Video)

60 minutes uncovers Criminal Banks defrauding homeowners with forged documents. Big names like Bank of America mentioned in wide spread practice of foreclosure fraud. How do you get your money back?

Imagine that, most homeowners who have gone through foreclosure, and the bank says they can not find the documents, take for granted the banks are telling the truth. It is a mistake right and they will find the real documents any minute, wrong.

See the first segment of 60 minutes Foreclosed Houses 

 Who knew that the ownership papers were burnt up by bankster sub-prime mortgage derivatives as they blew up. Then one or two years later they miraculously find the papers that say they own the property and have a right to foreclose. What did you say, they defrauded the courts faking out the foreclosure judges and the homeowners virtually stealing the home with forged documents.

Were your "bank documents" signed by Linda Green V.P.?

You should note that the video does not mention a whole range of bottom feeders from real estate brokers to bankruptcy lawyers to home flippers that took, and are, taking advantage of home owners caught in these bank fraud scenarios that bankrupt the nation in 2008.

Nor does it mention the criminal activity at some rating firms that rated junk bonds as AAA. What would 10 trillion in junk do to the financial industry and what role did your house play?

Yes, you remember when Bush and the forty thieves bankrupt the nation. They took regulations off the banks and the banks went wild creating what is now called dirty paper causing banks to need something called "Stress Testing". Most of the paper was worthless and banks started going belly up remember the news reports. The banks found out they were all stealing from each other with bad paper and stopped lending to each other. They froze the money supply in the nation. You remember the Bush Bank bail outs in exchange for 4 pieces of paper from the banksers that said they did not have to pay back the peopl's money and could not go to jail no matter what they did.

Then we (American People) threw the Republicans out and hired a new President and his team to get the people's money back from the banksters. The banks payed back our government but what about you.

Now the question is, how do you get stolen money back from a Bank? Specifically, your bank, if they criminally robed you?

If you pay your mortgage on time, never missed a payment and your house has not been foreclosed on and you think this dose not apply to you, think again. What happens if you try to sell your house and you Can't? See this 60 minutes back story on the hidden problem behind the Bush Mortgage Mess.


Healthcare Social Network said...

I am a huge fan already, man. You have done a brilliant job making sure that people understand where you are coming from. And let me tell you, I get it. Great stuff and I cant wait to read more of your blogs.

Aunk said...

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TV's 60 minutes piece on, not just how banks stole people's homes but how these criminal composite mortgage securities may be effecting you. If the bank can not produce your deed when you demand it you may not owe them any money and your mortgage is over. Also there is the question of if their is no deed how do you sell a house? is Poisson 9/10 of the law enabling you to win against the criminal banks? These are questions home owners should be asking their lawyers.

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