Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Obama: I Reversed Recession Until 'Bad Luck' Hit?

Hetep and Respect Mr. President, I love you dearly but take my advise and don't use the term "Good Luck" again. Now I don't know if this is true however, I am sure your advisers have told you by now that the Retuglicans will ram those words up you rectum (in or out of context) with Dollar pointed criminal bankster pitchforks.

The good news is you made the error early in the campaign.

Global headwinds is good political phraseology, there is no bad luck in politics my friend.

The Reality is

It's refreshing to hear a new excuse from the President. At least it's not Bush's Fault this time!

This was said on MSNBC/newsvine by a conservative in his column.

No, this is not the reality, the reality is, this is still the Great Bush Recession/Depression of 08. It will take at least 10 years, if not 20, to dig out of this Republican mess. Don't forget the Bush Wars. We can never let the citizens forget that it was the Republicans from Reagan attacking unions and Bank regulations, to sell America out to China, India and the banksters, to Bush and the forty thieves that cause the Republican bankruptcy of the nation (Banks insolvent - no money- economy dead in water).

We hired the smart guy to bring us back from the brink and he has.

He is right, recovery on tract, till too many Dems stayed home in 2010 and allowed the crazy's to stack the lower house with the same people and ideology that bankrupt the nation. They have been in there more then 200 days and have not passed a bill to produce one job or rebuild one single brick in our Nation. Republicans are now uniting against the creation of an infrastructure bank to put Americans back to work.

It is not bad luck that is preventing jobs, it is bad Republicans that are preventing jobs.

Mr. President you don't actually have to speak at town hall meetings. You just have to play the 28 second tape of the Republican Presidential candidate saying that "...Corporations are... human beings..." and the one with the Texes presidential candidate saying that Social Security and medicare are unconstitutional. End of story, you are reelected by all the elders of the nation and their children and you get a Democratic house with a land slide.

Bankster homework see these documentaries in this order.
1. Inside Job - How Reagan to Bush and the Banksters bankrupt the nation
2. Capitalism: A Love Story

The reality is we have some bad actors in the Dem Party to. I hired this president to bring single payer on-line. My recommendation Mr. President is to get that job done, launch the green moon shot and let the next Dem President, after your second term focus on re-regulating the banks if we the American people show the orbs to end our enslavement to the Banksters.

In the 2012 election we the people have to demonstrate that we have the orbs to give you the juice to tax the rich and finish the health care reform that we hired you to start.

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