Sunday, August 14, 2011

Leading Republican Presidential Candidate - Corporations are Human Beings (Video 28)

Just in case you think that Bush and the forty thieves are the only ones who will dupe low information voters into thinking Corporations are people, listen to this guy. (Video 28 Seconds)

We all know of the criminal Republican SCOTUS and their Citizens United partisan ruling that Corporations are people. Unfortunately the purpose was not clear to the information disabled. Let me make the purpose clear. The Bush Supreme Court intended to enable insurrectionist corporations to take control of voting through the Tea Party and its Republican corpse in America. The plan is to nullifying the American people's vote with money.

I first saw this corporate immoral money used in the Wisconsin Republican Recall elections. They lost two of their Republican "Bullet Proof" districts even with all the money they poured in. But to hear a human being actually say to a crowd that corporations are people too, is Amazing. Republicans really do think the masses are asses.

Well we have a message for the criminal, no tax paying corporations, like FOX in 2012

My Top Three Issues +

1. Create Jobs is Job one

2. Health Care Reform upgraded to Single Payer

3. End Bush Wars

4. Pass law and amendment no corporate money in elections.

Just in case you are still not clear what the Republicans are up to for you family and friends, read this.

Rick Perry: Social Security and Medicare Are Unconstitutional

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