Sunday, November 06, 2011

Android Support vs. Iphone Support, Infographic

The users who are suffering with Android bricks today,

will tell the Iphone users of tomorrow,

how they were duped and ripped off today.

So that the cell phone users of tomorrow do not regret yesterday as they.

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GRAPH: Android Users Get Terrible Support Compared to iPhone

Android has the potential to take on the mighty iPhone, with decent reviews, plenty of apps, and competitive pricing. Oh, but that operating system…

A recent blog post shows that while iPhones receive updates constantly, almost all Android phones are left years behind the current OS; many are never even sold with an up-to-date OS.

Michael DeGusta at The Understatement researched every Android phone released in the U.S. through mid-2010. He then tracked what OS updates (if any they recieved), and color coded whether a phones OS at any given time was current, or how behind the current OS it was. The literal resulting picture wasn’t pretty.


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