Monday, November 14, 2011

Should The Penn State Football Program Get the Death Penalty?

Now that I have been told that the children were AA's I am even more inclined to see the death penalty employed. Here are my thoughts and President Obama's thoughts on the matter. (Video)

Here are my thoughts on the matter as set forth on MSNBC/Newsvine. "Death Penalty" administered by the football regulating organization.
The Penn State Football Program Should Get the Death Penalty? free polls 

In my mind this thing was already bad enough without the racial aspect.

You are right about that. I called for the football program to be ended for five or then years. Sports when I was a youth was for fun, fitness and the learning of the moral lessons of life, like honesty, sportsmanship etc.

Now sports and education is ruled by the God of money, and children are taught that the purpose of life is to worship the God of money, which, is how we get Republicans like Herman Cain and Clarence Thomas and the Republican God of money that lead to Bush and the forty thieves bankrupting America.

Here is what President Obama had to say about it.

Let's Go To The Video Tape

So as the President challenges us, what can you and I do? In another piece he said regarding wrong, the lesson is we "must step up".

I started thinking about what could be done to detect this kind of criminally insane sexual perversion and protect children. I have grandchildren and a daughter. You just caused me to look at my Iphone sex offender app. Their is one SxO in my town (from out of town, visiting) and four across the river in the next town near the YMCA.

Everyone who has or has responsibility for children should have an Ipone and this app. You can also search for an individual SxO by name. I put in Jerry Sandusky the SxO in the Penn State case and his name did not come up. And the Judge let him loose on the street without bail.

My recommendation suspected SxO's on trial should also be in the Sxo data base, if proven innocent take them out of the base. The people who covered this up should be considered accomplishes and get jail time and may need to be put on a list as having sufficient moral turpitude as to be considered a danger to the welfare of children and bared from having any job where children may be involved.

I remember thinking that the state is known as the headquarters of the Clan (KKK) in the East. And one kind of mental perversion leads to another. But I did not give any thought to the ethnicity of the children who were attacked. As I remember most of the students, faculty etc. were European American.

The racial aspect can only make it worse.

Yes, now there is a massive Cultural Health aspect to the crimes. I heard about this from an AA woman at my Sunday swim workout. I was shocked. she said when she first heard the story, that is the first thing that came to her mind as to why there was a cover up. Mother's always seem to have better antennae then men.

I am expanding my thinking on detection prevention and correction. There needs to be a means of testing teachers, law enforcement and others who deal with children for Sexual poisoning and Cultural poisoning.

Like the Cain story I think we have just seen the tip of the ice berg.

It now strikes me that the University itself my need to be shut down and reorganized under new management by the court.

What do you think?

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