Thursday, November 17, 2011

Texas History 1, Confederate flag 0

I don't think I have heard a clearer description of the Southern Cultural Terrorist's flag.

"Confederate flag is nothing more then a treasonous flag of HATE!!!!"


Good bless our elder the honorable Reverend Clark, for standing up and speaking plainly.

Good bless the members of the DMV who voted down this dastardly idea, striking a blow for Cultural Humanism. The fact that they were appointed by the Tex. Gov. and Republican Presidential primary candidate Rich, the "N" Word, Perry makes their Culturally Healthy action even more valuable.

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History 1, Confederate flag 0

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles last week voted down the idea of Confederate Sons of America license plate. It would have shown the Confederate flag. The Texas Observer notes this testimony, from the Reverend George V. Clark, 82:

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