Thursday, March 22, 2012

One of the Criminally Insane Cultural Terrorist Loose in Florida Kills AA Child Trayvon Martin

If this was your son what would you do? (Video/pictures and Petition)

Cultural Terrorists are plentiful in Florida. Remember this is a state that was held for more then forty years by indigenous people and Africans. One general when coming to take over the "Indian" War said why this should be called the African war for their are more Africans then native fighters.

The Culturally Poisoned untreated sons and daughters of the criminally insane
George Zimmerman types still roam the streets with death dripping from their animal spirit.

Do not let the criminally insane go home with their guns
The US Department of Justice has announced an investigation into the shooting of Trayvon Martin, 17, an unarmed Black teenager in Florida in February.
Let's Go To The Video Tape

Any cop that does a crime should get twice the time. The cops that failed to arrest the killer and test him for drugs, etc. but had the unarmed AA child tested must be charged with obstruction of justice and complicity in the crime. All officers and the Chief of Police and the State Attorney should also be charged and made to stand trial in the community.

We need to make an example of this cultural terrorist who called police more then 50 time with the same type of crap, I want to report a "suspicious" Black guy.

Mr Crump played a recorded affidavit (newsvine)

That is not the only evidence of the crime the cops have and failed to act on.

The Randy Rhodes Show (Audio 911 calls) found 92 such cases in the Cultural Terrorist state of Florida from the time of The Republican kill Blacks law ("The shoot first law") was signed by Bush, up to 2010

How much you want to bet this crazy Zimmerman and his European American cop father are Republicans? What about the town police? Remember voter suppression and the hanging chads in the Bush fraudulent election. This state has a long history, from "police" to politicians, of moral turpitude at best to criminal activity at worst.

Elect NO Republican for 100 years, starting in 2012!

When the FBI, the Justice department, the lawyers, the news media and the AA Community interview this guy friends, co workers, high school classmates what do you think will come out about Mr. Zimmerman's Cultural Health? What about the Cultural Health of the Police and this town and it's politicians? Yes, there is enough evidence now to sink a ship, but wait till the trial starts. 

Talk is cheep sign the petition (900, 000 and counting) 

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Aunk said...

Officer in Bell Killing Is Fired; 3 Others to Be Forced Out

This is good and bad news. It is good news that bad cops in my home town are getting removed from the force. As a general rule New York AA's are murdered by cops and go Scott fee

Talking about the Travon Martin case a friend and fellow New Yorker was reminding me about the 67 year old AA grandmother Eleanor bumpers was murdered in her apartment by criminal cops. He has a list of 14 others.

We are going to populate that list with the murdered AA's in our life time and publish it so that Americans will remember that these are not isolated incidents or "accidents". They are part of America's Culturally Poisoning original sign that continues.

The bad new is that these cops should be in jail for the rest of their natural lives. Let me murder someone and see if all that happens to me is my boss fires me and I loos my pension.

If a cop does a crime he/she must get twice the time.

While this is progress it is not justice. Some other criminal police some where else in the country will hire these criminal cops who have not been put under the care of a competent psychologist and declared cured of their Cultural Poisoning.

There is a thin line between a cop and a criminal, every cop should be periodically tested for criminal insanity. Look at the criminally insane cops in the Travon case running loose in Florida.

Cultural Health work does not end with Bell we now have Travon. I did a piece with the head line, One of the Criminally Insane Cultural Terrorist Loose in Florida Kills AA Child Trayvon Martin. Click Here to sign the petition. Almost 2 million have signed the goal is 3 million.

We will be in the street tomorrow in the NY/NJ area.

For full story:

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