Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Zimmerman Caught On Tape No Broken Nose or Blood - Video

In the case of Trayvon Martin not only should George Zimmerman be arrested but the person or people who said he was bloody and had a broken nose should be sitting in the cell next to him.
Let's go to the video tape video platform video management video solutions video player Interesting bloodied person with smashed head and painful broken nose not taken to the hospital first. I did not see anyone carrying the bagged gun. What was that the cop put in the trunk. Was Mr. Zimmerman being search for the first time? hmm, that tape answers some important questions and raises some more important questions. Cultural Terrorist like in the Rodney King case and others have the historic habit of constructing stories to obstruct justice, and getting away with it, but now they have this sticky problem of camera's and the internet. Speaking of questions, how did ABC news get this tape? Mr. Zimmerman taped during questioning? Will someone be providing that tape to the internet? hmm.

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