Sunday, June 17, 2012

Barack Obama Speaks on Father's Day (case you missed it)

Obama makes a remarkable speech about one of the most important elements of Cultural Health, fatherhood and the family as rocks in our foundation. (video 23 min)

Talking about fatherhood in the AA community is a road with many pitfalls, it requires courage, love and understanding. Thinking about fatherhood and being the best dad you can be requires these things too. I think about my father Marlin on this day and I think about my children and my fatherhood. I think about my mate's father who just passed yesterday and her relationship to her dad. As Dad. Obama says we will be imperfect father's but we must try to be the best fathers we can be.

Someone once said to me that the most important thing a dad can do, besides being in the home, is letting his children see him be respectful and loving to mom. I can't disagree with that. In fact, I would assert that it is the love and respect that Mom and Dad reflect in each other that will or will not be reflected in their children.

If  roles, respect and love are in order in the family than the family is in order. Your Cultural Health mission for today is, should you decide to accept, to think about the state of roles, respect and love in your family and what you can do to strengthen it.

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Aunk said...

My Friend Radio Free America wrote a piece on MSNBC/Newsvine that I recommend all my readers read.

Below is an excerpt from her piece.

To the mothers of Africa, I ask that you respect your fathers, the fathers of your children and the fathers that you are helping to raise. Do not give into the divide and conquers of the Black family. Do not use the western term deadbeat when referring to the father of your children. Be careful in how you speak of one half of who your child is, their father. Remember your role. When Mustafa wanted to regain his throne, he said “go get the lionesses.” Make sure that no matter what western culture makes him, keep your Mustafa Black.


Trust me, your read will be rewarded.


Aunk said...

Here is the name of the article and a link.
Happy Father's Day to All My Brothers - The One Bull

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