Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cricket Prepaid iPhone Goes on Sale

 Iphone is now the gold standard of the prepaid market too. This is great news. It is good to see that Apple's marketing geniuses continue to take it easy and stay breezy.

People were lining up outside Cricket mobile storefronts. That’s because the company has just begun to sell its version of the iPhone 4S. For those with an inability or lack of desire to get a traditional carrier contract, the 16 GB iPhone 4S costs $500 out of pocket. The 8 GB one from Cricket will “only” set you back a cool $400. The plan is $55 per month for unlimited calling and texting.
Users can consume as much data as they want, but after hitting a limiting 2.3 GB, speeds will start to markedly slow down. Of course this is a huge deal for Apple, but the real winner here is Cricket. 

Aunk's commentary.
The big winner is the consumer who is not have to settle for an Iphone clone (droid/ms) just because they can't get or don't want a contract. I have an a 4S with AT&T and I have had an Iphone from before their was an Iphone it is the best quality Interpersonal Computer in the world bar none. In this post PC era this is one simple indicator of Gold Standard quality vs. Clone quality. The gold Standard is glass and metal and most clones are plastic, nuff said! Now the superior apple ecosystem, no I won't even go their. 

Glad to see the cricket Iphone tribe in the house.  

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