Monday, August 13, 2012

Apple v. Samsung The Iphone Clone Maker Must Lose

 American courts must protect America's biggest business, for it is our immediate future. Samsung should be bared from selling any products in the United States for 10 years as punishment for their theft.

Foreign  companies must not be allowed to steal American intellectual property. The great American visionary Job's does not exist at Samsung or Google as evidenced by their non-visionary stealing. If they want to participate honestly in  the new interpersonal computer market (IPC) with smart phone type devices then let them create their own like Microsoft is doing.

LF Iphone RT Iphone clone 

Samsung phones are Iphone clones pure and simple, the evidence is in the lead picture for this article, case closed, no more evidence needed. If you add the internal memo's to this they are a cooked goose.

Microsoft IPC
At least Microsoft is not overtly trying to in your face steal, thinking the American courts are not smart enough to figure the reality of criminality out. Why the first picture is an insult to all Americans. We should not stand for it. We must make an example of the Samsung criminals. If you attack American interest we will attack you. Crime does not pay!

See details of court case below:

This weeks marks a full five days of hearings in the patent dispute between the two tech titans. Here's some bite-sized info to help understand what's happening."

The ABCs of Apple v. Samsung | Apple - CNET News:
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Anonymous said...

well I don't understand with what is the problem of cloning a clone?
the Iphones themselves are clones of previous products.
see when I read it I actually thought you meant apple when you said The IPhone Clone Maker

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