Monday, August 20, 2012

Doctors Prescribing Apps to Patients

"Before long, your doctor may be telling you to download two apps and call her in the morning. Here is your first perception from Dr. Aunk.

Ozier Muhammad/The New York Times
Lee Perlman, left, and Benjamin Chodor of Happtique, developer of a medical app that can facilitate the writing of prescriptions.
Smartphone apps already fill the roles of television remotes, bike speedometers and flashlights. Soon they may also act as medical devices, helping patients monitor their heart rate or manage their diabetes, and be paid for by insurance."

 Doctors Prescribing Apps to Patients -
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Aunk's comment
I have  stethoscope on my Iphone and can send my doc an graph of my hart rate like a cardiogram. I have a hart rate monitor (HRM) that fits on my arm and feeds my running app as I do my 5 miles. The first diabetes monitoring app in the history of the world came out for the Iphone this year. Wi-Fi blood pressure and weight apps and devices are common now.

Here is you first prescription from the Aunk. To get healthy and fit food is 80% of the equation. The SunFood Ankh tells us that the body sees everything you put in your mouth as poison, nutrition or medicine. You need to know which is which in the food you buy and I prescribe fooducate (an app for your Iphone).

Down load Fooducate and comment after your next trip to the supermarket.   

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