Monday, August 27, 2012

What Will A Romney/Ryan Vote Co$t you Personally?

The Basic answer is Mitt , Corporations are  people. Romney will raise your Medicare cost by 6000 each at minimum.  The list from NBC Newsvine below is even more eye opening.

RaisedByWolves replied 14 hours ago

These figures have been confirmed by economists:
65 - 11,100
54 - 59,500
48 - 124,600
39 - 216.000
29 - 331,000
Center for American Progress
Harvard Economist Dennis Cutler
Like Rescue, I am doing much better with Medicare and the supplemental and Part D (Rx). We pay $1,000 less a month, finally! Hubby's entire early social security paid for our insurance until this August; so, we are breathing more easily. Citigroup really screwed their "retirees" - not only by laying people off at age 60-61 then taking all of the monetary benefits left to pay for their over-priced retiree health. Add that to the 401k thievery, and it was another thing to love about the

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