Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Iphone 5 vs Galaxy S3 torture test (video & InfoGraphic)

Independent tests drop, drown and pound the two phones and one clearly fails. Guess which one? Come see this thriller in Manila, rumble in the computer jungle.

Hint, one is glass and metal and the other is plastic. Most of the droids are boat anchors 6 months after they are bought because the customer can't get the latest operating system (OS). Now we know that new apps need the new OS right, oh, sorry. The Iphone 3GS is the oldest cellphone running a manufactures current OS. very few installed base droids can run jelly bean Androids latest OS (is that not a jack ass of a name for an operating system). Ice cream sandwich (no number so you can keep track of their failures #v32?) or older is running on the droid installed base. But S3 is the closest Droid Iphone clone to the 5 so let's see what they got.

Lets Go To The Video Tape:

Iphone is the gold standard in Interpersonal computer (IPC) quality in this post PC world. The underwater test was most telling IMHO. Now for the InfoGraphic and the number one problem with the Samsung's fake you out ad that try's in vain to stop the million unit a day Iphone 5 sales launch.

Infographic: iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 Like the Samesung InfoGrapic "It doesn't take a genius" Ad.  Their misleading Ad backfired and they lost on Facebook. These comparisons just look at the technical specs of a single device.This misses the point it is the Ecosystem and history of visionary innovation that makes IOS 6, Iphone/Ipad/Ipod the industry gold standard.

Jobs and the A Team revolutionized the Movie industry, Music industry, phone industry, software industry with the app store. The Tablet industry that did not exist, the game industry, the camera industry and the retail industry just to name a few.

Please name the Steve Job's visionary in the Droid clone tribe?


I rest my case!

Watch Apple’s First iPhone 5 TV Ads and compare against the Samsung Ad, Notice that there is on one single spec. Developers and gadgeter's like me care about specifications consumers do not. It is clear that Apple with the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry understands this and the droid tribe does not.

Bottom line is that 3 years from now everyone will remember this historic Iphone 5 and almost no one will remember the Sam 3 something. When the Ipad mini come to market next mount the 3 will be not just stuck below 5 but it will be neither fish nor fowl. It will be to small to be an Ipad mini and to big to be a phone.

Yes, it does take a genius, that is why Apple's customers have made it the highest financially valuated computer company in the history of the world bigger then IBM and Microsoft. 

If you go into a store to buy an Iphone, don't let some fast talking salesman talk you into a flimsy droid because he makes more commission from the cheap droids.

Yes, I am a biased Iphone tribe member, I had an Iphone before there was and Iphone, what did I have?


Aunk said...

Many in the dorid tribe have an illogical view of Iphone 5 and the hundreds of droids. Check out this extended discussion I had on Samsung loosing to Apple and having to pay 1 billion dollars for stealing American intellectual property.

 said...

Why the hell is apple criticizing their own iPhone

Rock Den said...

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