Monday, September 17, 2012

Romney Admits Bain Pioneered in Outsourcing (Video)

Romney has said that his company Bain did not do outsourcing  under his leadership as CEO, chairman and only stock holder. Fact check, not true, watch and listen to Mitt Romney in his own words, when he thought he was speaking only to his fellow 1%'ers (Leaked Video)

Romney says, before he was the Republican Presidential candidate he had business experience creating jobs and this is why we the American people should elect him.  The question is creating jobs where?

Let's Go To The Video Tape

The Cultural Anti-humanists use to be able to get away with lying to the public. But the Ayn Rand self interest first Second Hander's ( no vision or integrity) like Romney forgot about the internet. We masses are not asses and we will not elect a lying sack of !@#$$.

The fact is, according to Romney himself, not only did Bain outsource but he went over to China to see the outsourced jobs himself personally. Thank providence that as Romney and his 1% friends met in secret, there was a 99%'er like me with a cell phone that had a video camera.

It is interesting to note that during the time of America's original sin there were Cultural Terrorists like Romney who enslaved free labor in concentration champs ("Plantations")  here in America. But there were also laborers then who had to wait on the tables of the rich, who listened carefully to the enslaver's and got the word out from behind enemy lines.

Let a word to the wise be sufficient.

The President said it best, I do not want to be the Outsources in Chief.

Elect NO Republican for 100 years, starting in NOvember!

Vote YES to JOBS, ACA and SS, Medicare.

Buy American

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Aunk said...

It is interesting to note that I posted this before the 47% story broke. Talk about a tip of the ice berg. wow.

So Romney says to hell with half the country they are a bunch of parasite victims anyway. I rest my case.

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